An Update Regarding COVID-19:

It was officially announced 5/1/20 by Governor Wolf that hair salons and barbershops will NOT be opening in the yellow phase. Therefore we will remain CLOSED until further notice.
   We will be able to open once Montgomery County turns to GREEN. Right now we are in the RED, will then move to YELLOW, then to GREEN. That being said, we will NOT be opening in the next few weeks. Not even sure about months at the point really.
  I wanted to keep everyone up to date on information as it became available to me.
My SPB Family and I will be brainstorming some ideas next week on how we can keep you looking and feeling your best as ALL of you are overdue on your hair needs at this point. I will be in touch as more information becomes available.
I have attached a good article that I came across that further explains why we will be the last to open. It makes sense and thought you would appreciate a better understanding from a public health standpoint.
Stay safe everyone & be on the lookout for updates from me soon!  I will be sending out emails, texts, and updates on Facebook as they become available. Be on the lookout for new information!
As always, thank you for your continued support I am committed to getting through this and seeing you all in the salon as soon as possible!
Lauren ❤️

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